Wednesday, June 20, 2007

medication: the religion of the 21st century

Dear Neighbors:

there is a distinct possibility that anything less than a truly free world, with liberty and justice for all, is, de facto, psychophysical suppression, the direct result of which is psychological and/or physical illness.

Suppose, for example, that hundreds of millions of people are not meant to be taking psychoactive medications to calm them down, speed them up, alleviate their depression, reduce their anxiety, help them lose weight, help them sleep, help them wake up. Suppose all of these symptoms, that are being dutifully medicated by a trusting citizenry, are messengers bringing us important information about the world which we have created. Suppose the fact that 67% of our population is overweight or obese says as much or more about present America as it does about those individual people. Suppose the medications are meant to control the masses because if unmedicated many would listen to the symptom messengers and demand change.

God died and took religion along. Religion was meant to guide people in their choices of behavior. Medication by passes the human choice making process and directly
influences behavior. Medication is the religion of the 21st Century.

Governments died. Corporations are the governments of the 21st Century. The mission of a corporation is to make money. Ergo in the 21st Century the medicinal control of the masses will be for the purpose of making money for the owners of the corporations.

The above scenario is hardly different from the days of the Pharaohs whose Priests convinced the masses that life was exactly the way it was supposed to be and the military backed them up. Thousands of years ago 1% of the Egyptian population ruled the other 99%. In the past 25 years the upper 1% of the United States has progressed from controlling 22% of the nation's assets to controlling 39%.

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