Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A Mind Body Health Blog is born!

This is a first test from Dr. Miller's blog consultant and the webmaster for Wilbur Hot Springs.

After reviewing several options, Blogger was selected as the best choice for Dr. Miller's KZYX & Z Mind Body Health radio show blog.

I look forward to Dr. Miller's entries and to hearing listener feedback from the Mind Body Health show!

As a first fan of Dr. Miller's program to share some health information here is my cavity article where I describe how I got a Dental Rejection Letter and healed five cavities.

Another health tip: I highly recommend Yoga with Sarana Miller (photo). Each time I've been fortunate enough to attend one of her Yoga Retreats at Wilbur Hot Springs I've had a glowing healthful feeling which lasts for about a week.

- Xeno


Lajuana said...

Good for people to know.

Bernadette said...

Dr. Miller:

What are your thoughts regarding Medical Tourism as an Alternative Solution to our countries fractured health care system and escalating cost of medical care, procedures, pharma drugs, quality attentive care, et al?

Could we chat? My email is bernadette@medicaltourismassociation.com